Help and FAQ's for Car Park Booking


Help and Frequently Asked Questions for Car Park booking (online booking) for the public Car Parking facilities at Pafos International Airport


Q. Are there any special conditions attached to my booking?

No, your booking is a flexible product, which means that if you need to change your dates because your travel plans have changed – you can! There will be no administration fee unless you wish to extend your dates for a longer period, in which case you will need to pay the difference. 

For example, you have booked 8 days and wish to extend your booking to 10 days; you will be charged with a new amount for the 10-day period, while your initial payment will automatically be refunded. Please allow a few days for the refund.

Or, you have booked parking for a week in March and wish to change it for a week in July, then an additional charge may be imposed due to the different rates applied in the summer period.


Q. What is the ANPR?

The ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition), is the technology used to activate your booking by recording in the system your license plate numbers with the use of a camera.  While creating your booking, it is vital (1) to enter your correct license plate numbers, using Latin characters, (2) not to include spaces between the license plate numbers and (3) not to use special characters in between the license plate numbers.


Q.  Can I arrive at the airport in a car with different license plate numbers other than the ones I have already stated in my booking form?

No, you will have to arrive at the airport with the car that carries the same license plate numbers as the ones you have stated in your booking. Once you arrive at the car park gate, the ANPR system will try to match your booking with your license plate numbers in order to allow the barrier to open.  However, if you are planning to use a different car you will have to modify your booking details at least 24 hours prior to your arrival at the airport. 



Q. Will the car park gate open in case I arrive earlier than the time specified on my booking?

Your booking is activated maximum 15 minutes prior to the time specified on your booking. 



Q. I misplaced the parking ticket taken from the car park machine. What do I do?

The ticket is not required as long as you park within the timeframe of your booking. The exit barrier will automatically open once you approach with your car.  However, in case of overstay which means you exceed the pre-book time, then the ticket will be required at the pay machines for paying the additional parking fee. You may seek for assistance from one of our Officers at the Car Park Office near the pay machines, which is manned 24/7.  



Q.  Although my booking was confirmed, when I arrived at the airport the barrier would not open. What do I do?

Please ask for assistance from one of our Officers by using the intercom button found on the barrier machine.   


Q. What is the time limit allowed for booking modifications?

You are allowed to modify your booking 24 hours prior to your arrival.


Q. Do I need to hand my keys in once I park?

No, we operate a ‘self-park’ policy, which means you may park in any available parking lot and keep your car keys to yourself.  You don’t need to worry about strangers taking your car out for a drive!


Q. Are there any parking conveniences for people with special needs?

Yes, parking spaces for people with special needs have been allocated at the closest points towards the terminal; however, this is subject to availability.


Q. Are there any restrictions for cars parking at the airport public car parking, in terms of their size or height?

There are no restrictions for cars parking at the airport public car parking area. However, trailers and coaches are not allowed to enter, unless the airport is notified in advance. 


Q.  How safe is my car at the airport car parking area?  Will someone be taking care of my car?

Parking your car in public places is always at your own risk.  However, random checks are conducted by airport staff patrolling the area.



Q.  My flight is delayed.  Do I have to pay extra for leaving my car parked longer than the time allowed from my booking?

The airport offers to passengers that have booked airport parking a 4- hour grace period in case of flight delays.



If you have additional questions regarding the airport car parking facilities, please contact us at +357 24 030026.



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