Hermes: Operator of Cyprus's Airports

As the operator of Cyprus’ airports, Hermes plays a fundamental role in the island’s connectivity and economic development.

This is a responsibility that we take seriously and work closely with airlines & tour operators in order to encourage business development across our airports.  As a result of our ambitious air service development strategy and incentive schemes, hybrid, network and LCC airlines & tour operators alike are drawn to Hermes Airports, with more than 120 destinations from 40 countries operating through 70 airlines across Larnaka and Pafos International Airports. This, in turn, has meant that we’ve celebrated several years of consecutive growth across our Airports. In 2018, we reached a historical peak when Larnaka and Pafos served more than 10.94m passengers, a figure that is expected to be surpassed before year-end.

Airport Charges

Hermes Airports offers high-quality facilities and services across both Larnaka & Pafos Airports. Our fees and fares offer a number of options to accommodate the needs of the individual customer.  

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Incentive Schemes

Hermes Airports offers a number of incentive schemes that have been designed to attract customers and ensure their presence at our Airports for many years to come. They include:

  • Volume-based agreements on multiple new routes
  • Introduction of single new routes
  • Sustainability incentive for single new routes
  • Continuity inventive for new routes under volume growth agreements
  • The bonus of net traffic growth
  • Marketing support

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Ground Handling

Ground Handling is managed through carefully selected partners, with Hermes Airports and the Civil Aviation Authority having joint supervisory responsibilities for quality control.

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Business Opportunities

As an organization with a diverse range of needs, Hermes Airports seeks to create partnerships with carefully selected suppliers to deliver best-in-class services. Hermes follows a fair and transparent system for tendering and awarding contracts. All invitations to bid are made public and are accompanied by a clear set of guidelines that bidders must follow.

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Advertising at the Airport

When it comes to advertising, airports are an environment like no other, offering companies and brands the opportunity to access a uniquely captive and engaged audience.