Hermes Airports invites proposals from qualified parties for the operation of a lounge at Larnaka airport.  
Closing date: 18 October 2023, at 12:00pm.


The business opportunity offered in the RFP is for a Contract for the operation of a Lounge at the terminal building of Larnaka International Airport.  The Lounge will be available to all customers (airlines or passengers) that wish to use it.   

To summarise the salient points of the Contract offered in this RFP:

  • Commencement date: the Contract shall commence when the successful proponent begins construction work of the Lounge on or around 1st January 2024. 

  • Term: the Contract shall be for a term commencing 1st January 2024 until the 10 May 2031.

  • Size: it is envisaged that the Lounge will be approximately 801m2 in size with an external area of 154m2, as shown in Appendix 1.

  • Location:  the Lounge is located on the top level of the new terminal building after security control. 

  • Provisions: 

  1. Hermes will provide space for the Lounge in an ‘as is’ condition detailed in section 3.2.2. 

  2. Refurbishment of the space  is required. All capital costs associated with the refurbishment of the Lounge or any other works, shall be borne by the proponent.

  3. Proponents who have experience in the operation of airport lounges will be preferred.



RFP Notification


Site Visit / Queries and Questions by the proponents 

18/09/2023 - 26/09/2023

Reply to proponents' queries and questions 


Submission of Proposals ("Closing Date")

18/10/2023 at 12:00pm 

Preferred Proponent Award 


Target date for Contract signing



For a copy of the RFP documents please contact:

Panayiota Fiakkou, email:, copying Lucas Papaleontiou, email: