June 3, 2024


Hermes Airports repeats its successful initiative the “Green Lemonade” project for the second year, joining forces with KEAN and Foody.

Aiming at actions that promote small and large scale circular economy practices and sustainable development, Hermes Airports further expands it synergies by including a new strategic partner, Foody, who will sell the homemade lemonades (squash and ready to use, 330ml) on its Foody Market platform. All proceeds collected from the sales will be used in support of the Cyprus Department of Forests for the protection of the environment, while in October small trees and plants will be offered to the public for free to plant in their homes.

The “Green lemonade”, a project by Hermes Airports, was launched in 2022, when staff of the company collected lemons from the 120 lemon trees which are located in the gardens of Larnaka Airport. The lemons were then delivered to KEAN factory in Limassol, where the homemade lemonade was produced, without preservatives, which was then offered for sale to passengers traveling from Larnaka airport, and to the wider airport community of the airport. All proceeds from the sales were used for initiatives for the protection of the environment, such as a free tree-giving event offering more than 1000 small trees and plants to the public, and the donation of an educational drone which was built in collaboration with the Cyprus Institute and was donated to the Cyprus Department of Forests for the prevention of fires.

The Director of Marketing and Communication of Hermes Airports, Maria Kouroupi, highlighted that “the positive impact on the environment and circular economy are amongst our goals for sustainable development. Through the Green Lemonade project, we aim to give back to nature, helping the environment with green actions. The joint campaign with Foody and KEAN, proves that collaboration with a common vision, contributes to the change of culture.”    

Christiana Potsidou, Head of Marketing at Foody, stated: “We are proud that our company contributed to this innovative campaign in collaboration with Hermes Airports and KEAN. This initiative, which aims to support the Cyprus Forestry Department is very important, as we contribute to the greater effort in the prevention of fires and the creation of a greener environment.”

Maria Odysseos, Deputy Marketing Manager of ΚΕΑΝ stated that the Green Lemonade project is “an excellent initiative of the staff of Larnaka Airport which enhances the idea of circular economy. For this reason we accepted with great pleasure to turn the hundreds of lemons gathered from the airport lemon trees, into homemade lemonade, which is not different from the one we are making for decades, for a good cause. Our role as KEAN is not only to offer the best quality to our consumers, but to implement actions such as corporate social responsibility and green policy for the benefit of the environment, growth and society in general. We are always available for the implementation of such noteworthy and beneficial initiatives.”

* You can find more information on the project here and order the Green Lemonade here. More details regarding the offering of trees to the public in upcoming October, will be announced at a later stage.

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