Sustainability Matters

Hermes Airports' goal through its various sustainability initiatives is the support of the communities, protection of the environment and nurture a safe and productive workplace through responsible actions.



Sustainability Report 2022 

The second Sustainability Report, covering 2022, has been prepared in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative framework (GRI Standards). The report addresses sustainability as an integral part of Hermes business strategy across all aspects of its operation and development, implemented as a structured governance system and acknowledges industry best practices with respect to planning, implementing, measuring, and transparently reporting its non-financial performance.

Airport & Environment

Larnaka and Pafos International Airports have received the ACI Level 4+ Transition accreditation. The two airports, that joined the programme in 2017 and achieved carbon neutrality in 2019, are committed to achieving net zero for emissions under their control by 2050. To reach this goal, they are implementing various initiatives that support environmental protection, and promote community engagement. Among the most notable projects is the construction of two major solar power plants at both airports. The 3.5 MWp installation at Larnaka Airport and the 1.1 MWp installation at Pafos Airport cover approximately 28% of their energy needs.

Hermes Airports is firmly committed to excel in Energy Management, as reflected in our corporate Energy Policy. This commitment has resulted in attaining the ISO50001:2011 certification.

Moreover, the operator of the two airports supports the Department of Environment by raising awareness regarding the protection of the Larnaka Salt Lake by informing passengers and tourists on the importance of these habitats.

Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is directly linked with Hermes Airports modus operandi. The company operates having as a priority the respect to people, supporting the society and protecting the environment.

Personnel Safety

Hermes Airports implements protocols which ensure a healthy environment for its staff. Moreover, the company’s main goal is the constant upgrade in quality whilst creating the appropriate infrastructure and conditions for the improvement of the work environment.

Aviation Safety

Hermes Airports is committed in the development, implementation, preservation, and constant improvement of the procedures that ensure a high level of security in aviation activities. Concurrently, Hermes implements national and international regulations, providing at the same time high quality services. The implementation of an enhanced safety level during the operation and use of the airport infrastructure is a main priority for Hermes and the entire airport community.