Why passengers should submit the documents through this digital platform before travelling to Cyprus?

The personal information will be processed for public interest and for the protection of public health in view of COVID-19. Personal data will be kept confidential. In the case that either a traveller is suspected of having COVID-19 symptoms, or if a traveller is officially diagnosed with the disease, the personal data may be used by the national Health Ministry, to trace prospective COVID-19 cases. The data will further be stored for the purposes of medical records of the passenger, to inform medical staff in national medical centres treating the diagnosed passengers in question.

Can I submit this required information in hand-written format?

In order to receive a CyprusFlightPass it’s compulsory to complete the required documents on the digital platform. Only in cases where the web electronic platform of the Republic of Cyprus is temporarily unavailable due to technical issues or scheduled maintenance with official announcement about that, in the relevant electronic platform passengers may download and complete the relevant documents by hand. In these cases, travellers need to carry with them the required documentation.

What happens once all information has been electronically submitted through the digital portal?

Once this procedure has been finalized, you will receive a PDF confirmation of your trip to Cyprus, which you are required to present at check-in/boarding terminal, of the departure airport and at passport control in Cyprus

Am I required to carry any of these documents throughout my trip?

If you have successfully submitted all the required information through the digital portal, you are required to have in your possession the certificate which confirms the COVID-19 negative test result  (if this is mandatory in your case). In case the documents have been filled in by hand, you are required to carry them with you throughout the duration of your travel.

How can I find the list of countries ranked in accordance to COVID-19 measures?

You can find further details in relation to how countries are ranked in this respect in sections A,B,C in the following link.

What if a passenger submits false information and false health declarations?

A passenger who submits false information and makes false declaration is sanctioned.