Frequently Asked Questions about the online portal 'Cyprus Flight Pass'

The below responses should serve to resolve any queries you may have related to 'Cyprus Flight Pass'.

  • Why passengers should submit the documents through this digital platform before travelling to Cyprus?

The personal information will be processed for public interest and for the protection of public health in view of COVID-19. Personal data will be kept confidential. In the case that either a traveller is suspected of having COVID-19 symptoms, or if a traveller is officially diagnosed with the disease, the personal data may be used by the national Health Ministry, to trace prospective COVID-19 cases. The data will further be stored for the purposes of medical records of the passenger, to inform medical staff in national medical centres treating the diagnosed passengers in question.

  • Can I submit this required information in hand-written format?

In order to receive a CyprusFlightPass it’s compulsory to complete the required documents on the digital platform. Only in cases where the web electronic platform of the Republic of Cyprus is temporarily unavailable due to technical issues or scheduled maintenance with official announcement about that, in the relevant electronic platform passengers may download and complete the relevant documents by hand. In these cases, travellers need to carry with them the required documentation.

  • What happens once all information has been electronically submitted through the digital portal?

Once the process is completed you will receive a PDF confirmation with clearance of your travel to Cyprus (CyprusFlightPass), which you will need to show at the check-in /boarding process at the departure airport and at immigration control in Cyprus.

  • Am I required to carry any of these documents throughout my trip?

If you have successfully submitted all the required information through the digital portal, you are required to have in your possession the certificate which confirms the COVID-19 negative test result  (if this is mandatory in your case). In case the documents have been filled in by hand, you are required to carry them with you throughout the duration of your travel.

  • What if a passenger submits false information and false health declarations?

A passenger who submits false information and makes false declaration is sanctioned.

  • What happens if I arrive in Cyprus without having in my possession the CyprusFlightPass?

Passengers without possessing the Entry Card (CyprusFlightPass) from the Cyprus Flight Pass website, even if they have completed by handwriting the relevant forms, will be offered two choices: Either to enter the Republic of Cyprus and pay the out-of-court fine of 300 euros, or, to return to the country of their departure.

  • Do I need to apply for a Cyprus Flight Pass when my flight departs from Cyprus to travel abroad?

No.  You only need to apply for a Cyprus Flight Pass when you travel from abroad to Cyprus.

  • How long in advance of my flight can I submit my application?

You may complete an application any time and save it as a draft. However, you can only finalise and submit it within 48 hours before the commencement of your travel  from the Country of Origin to the Republic of Cyprus (either direct flight or via intermediate Countries).

  • Do I need a CyprusFlightPass if I am a transfer of a transit passenger?

Transfer Passengers are passengers who travel from a departure country via Cyprus, disembark in Cyprus and continue their travel on a connecting flight to their onward destination with the same or different airline without having to recheck in. Transit Passengers are passengers who travel from a departure country via Cyprus, do not disembark in Cyprus and continue their travel on the same flight to their onward destination. Transfer and Τransit passengers must apply and obtain a Cyprus Flight Pass by completing the relevant information in the application form.

Passengers who disembark, exit immigration and have to recheck-in are NOT considered as Τransfer or Transit passengers and need to complete the application form as arriving passengers to Cyprus, fulfilling the prerequisites of the country category of their departure.

  • Is it mandatory to carry out a COVID-19 laboratory test on minors for the purpose of entering the Republic of Cyprus?

Laboratory testing of minors under the age of 12 for COVID-19, upon arrival in the Republic of Cyprus, is not required. It should be noted that the the acquisition of CyprusFlightPass continues to be mandatory for these minors as well.

  • When is my laboratory results considered valid?

In order for your laboratory result to be valid the following must apply:

  1. the test should be contacted using the RT-PCR method (Tests based on antigen / antibody detection are not acceptable),
  2. sampling for the test is required to be conducted during the last 72 hours before departure. In addition, the laboratory result that you will attach should indicate the laboratory method used, the date of sampling, personal identification data and of course the result which should be negative.


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