Meet Larnaka, the serene city of Cyprus with hidden beauties in every corner!

On the southern coast of the island, Larnaka was built on the ruins of the ancient city-kingdom of Kition, where the Hellenistic philosopher Zeno was born. Zeno was the father of Stoicism, which places great emphasis on goodness and peace of mind. This is quite fitting, as you will indeed sense both of these feelings in this culture-rich and sublime land.

Centrally located, this city is both easily accessible and compact. Larnaka is home to the country’s primary airport, as well as a seaport and marina. Though this area is known for its premier seaside resorts, you'll find that the town and resorts seamlessly blend as one; Locals and visitors can both enjoy the everyday life of Larnaka's charm and diversity. This unique and laid-back Meditteranean city holds a manifold of endless beaches and historic castles & churches that will keep you coming back, just as the flamingos do every winter. Get the most out of your visit to Larnaka and make sure to plan these activities that you shouldn't miss!

Things you 'Must Do' in Larnaka

Larnaka Highlights: Nature, Entertainment, Historical sites, Beaches

1. Visit the Larnaka Salt Lake to enjoy the tranquillity of nature. Near the airport, just east of the Dromolaxia and Meneou villages exists 1 of the 4 interconnected salt lakes of the land. Among the buildings and cars of the city, you’ll be surprised to find an oasis of relaxation along this 4km nature trail: experience the sensation of being in the presence of still water. This pathway lined with a diverse flora of trees and flowers leads all the way to the city’s old aqueduct, Kamares. Walk, jog, or simply sit on a bench to revel in this lake that used to produce one of Cyprus’ main export. This area is currently protected under Cypriot Law for the Protection and Management of Nature and wildlife. Each winter, the lake melts and homes migrating birds, most noticeably the pink flamingos. Larnaka Salt Lakes

2. Be entertained and learn about the traditional crafts of basket weaving and halloumi making! Enjoy watching the art of basketry in Choirokoita village and even participate in this craft of reeds. In the olden days, women would split reeds all day to create baskets for carrying things like wine and halloumi. Also, don’t miss out on learning more about halloumi, the delectable and traditional cheese of the island. Watch the magic of halloumi making or take home some new skills of your own! If you haven’t tasted this traditional Cyprus food yet, get ready to discover your new favorite cheese.

3. Ride a camel at the Mazotos Camel Park for an unforgettable experience in Cyprus nature! Only 15 minutes away from the airport, meet the smiling faces of camels, ponies, goats, kangaroos and more. Bring a picnic or enjoy eating in the park’s restaurant. Mazotos Camel Park also offers a pool, a game room, and a museum that exhibits the traditional Cypriot life. With lots to see and do, this park provides all-day fun for the family.

4. Dive into the sea to explore the shipwreck of Zenobia! About 2 miles off the coast of Mackenzie beach, lies the remains of what is considered to be the “Titanic of the Mediterranean”. This 172-meter ferry that sank on June 7th, 1980 has transformed into a colorful reef filled with sea creatures that create the ultimate diving experience. Being 1 of the top 10 diving attractions in the world, Zenobia attracts more than 100,000 divers each year!

5. Walk along the bustling promenade of Finnikoudes to get a taste of the local life by the sea! Named after the Greek word for palm trees which line this beach, Finnikoudes is a 600m long Parisian-styled promenade with a marina on one end and a Medieval Castle on the other. Enjoy a full day here in the center of Larnaka that combines the shore, culture, and entertainment. Sunbathe on the beach in the morning, enjoy lunch at one of the many restaurants, then do some shopping in the afternoon! This landmark of Larnaka attracts locals and visitors at all times of the day.

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