Meet the shoreline city and cosmopolitan center of the island, Limassol

East of the Akrotiri peninsula, this summer paradise lies in between two major archaeological sites of Cyprus: Kourion and Amathus archeological site. This is the country’s international business center and passenger port, and it’s oozing with both Cypriot tradition and modern flair.

There’s a sense of optimism in the air of this land, as Limassol has undergone significant developments over recent years. Limassol is a treasure trove of exciting experiences, so here’s what you shouldn’t miss in this sensational city.

Things you "Must Do" in Limassol

Limassol Highlights: Beaches, Historical sites, Modern Lifestyle

1. Visit the Limassol Marina to revel in the luxurious life by the sea: This full-service marina joins elegant residences with a mix of restaurants and shops on the waterfront. Wander the designer boutiques and savor the mouth-watering local and international cuisine. By night you'll find yourself among an array of bars and lounges that cover every taste of nightlife.

2. Discover Ancient Kourion to see one of the most spectacular archaeological sites on the island: Journey through history as you walk within what used to be one of the most powerful city-kingdoms in Cyprus. Built by the Romans in the 2nd century, the amphitheater here still functions as an entertainment venue. Walk next door to view the houses and baths full of intricate mosaics. You cannot help but be amazed by the magnificent views of the Meditteranean on this hill-side.

3. Walk in the Molos Promenade to experience one of the biggest and beautiful parks in Cyprus: Stroll, bike, or skate in this seaside park filled with green trees and art sculptures. You'll also find playgrounds, restaurants, cafes, benches, and fountains that enliven this waterfront strip.

4. Explore Limassol Castle to relish in medieval historical gems: Pottery, tombstones, Byzantine-era plates, weapons, crosses, and coins make up the collection of the Cyprus Medieval Museum which the castle houses. Legend says that Richard the Lionheart married his beloved Berengaria there.

5. Swim in Lady's Mile Beach to enjoy her warm, shallow and clear waters: Bask in the sun among the white sands, or feel an adrenaline rush with watersports. Roam the 8km stretch of the beach and find a tavern to indulge in fresh fish and traditional Cypriot meze.

Source: AllaboutCyprus

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