Meet Pafos, the culture-rich city filled with architectural and natural treasures!

It is here on the southwestern coast of Cyprus where they say Aphrodite, goddess of love, was born arising from the waves. Thus, it’s fitting for this land to filled with scenic beaches and ruins of structures built by her worshipers.

Pafos is the largest district of the island, and it used to be the capital during ancient times. Today, this area exists as the perfect combination of the beautiful countryside, a cosmopolitan resort, and various historical sights that are scattered throughout the land. Pafos International Airport, operated by Hermes, is located here to suit tourists of Western Cyprus.

The Pafos region is made up of 2 specific parts: Kato (lower) Pafos and Pano (upper) Pafos. Kato Pafos attracts tourists due to its plethora of souvenir shops and bars along the seafront; Find historical gems in the backstreets of this area such as the Medieval baths, churches, and catacombs! Local life thrives in Pano Pafos, where many elegant, colonial buildings home museums and government buildings.

Visit Pafos to find out why this city was awarded the European Capital of Culture. Make sure not to miss these 4 must do’s when visiting Pafos!

Things you “Must Do” in Pafos

Pafos Highlights: Historical Places, Beaches, Entertainment 

1. Stroll the Pafos Limanaki to enjoy one of Cyprus’ most ancient and historic harbors! Following the death of Alexander the Great, King Nikolilis began his first port projects in this area. Today you can walk alongside the port for beautiful views of the Meditteranean as well as the Medieval Castle nearby. The walkway is closed to cars during the summer months to suit tourists and locals. Enjoy a plethora of shops, restaurants, cafes, gelaterias and more as you roam this area. This is a perfect place to feast on some fresh fish! Book a boat trip or short cruise to discover the shipwrecks, fish, turtles and more in this part of the Mediterranean. Nearby, you’ll find an archaeological park and an amphitheater which was built recently. Make your visit at night to delight in the lights of the boats and their reflection in the waters. The harbor is only a short walk to the beach, nightlife, and the hotels & shops of the city!  Pafos' Regional Board of Tourism offers once a week FREE walking tours, for the months March and April 2022. 

2. Discover the Akamas Peninsula to be enchanted by natural beauty! Here in the northwestern tip of the island, you’ll find yourself among picturesque gorges, valleys and wide sandy bays. Feel the timeless tranquillity among the rugged coastline and turquoise waters each rich with diverse flora and fauna. Hike the magnificent nature trails or swim in the dreamy waters here such as the Blue Lagoon. Visit the nearby Baths of Aphrodite, where legend says she used to bathe and where she met her great love, Adonis. Make your way to the famous turtle hatchery, Lara Beach, and the magnificent Avakas Gorge to experience more of the breathtaking nature in this magical place!

3. Visit the Pafos Zoo for an enriching wildlife experience! Meet birds and animals from all over the world in this lush and unspoiled natural environment. What is now one of Cyprus’ top tourist attractions, used to be the owner’s home for his extensive bird collection. Now, you’ll find monkeys, kangaroos, albino wallabies, white lions, giraffes, mouflon, tigers and more! Enjoy interacting with the animals while surrounded by the captivating gardens, lakes, and ponds.

4. Explore the fascinating Tombs of the Kings to revel in one of the most important archaeological sites in Cyprus! This Unesco World Heritage site features the underground tombs and chambers from the Hellenistic and Roman periods. Find yourself among the monumental tombs carved out of solid rock which used to bury the high officials! You’ll be amazed by the resemblance that these tombs have to houses of the living.

Source: Pafos Regional Board of Tourism

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