Meet the green heart of the island the Troodos mountains!

Troodos mountains are in the center of Cyprus and include picturesque villages that form the largest mountain range on our island. They can be comfortably reached within an hour from Limassol, Nicosia, Larnaka, and Pafos and visited all year round! One of the 5 most copper-rich locations in the world are found in the area of Troodos.

During the Winter season, the mountains are covered in snow where locals and tourists enjoy breathtaking views. Whereas during the Summer season people visit the mountains to take a break from the heat. For those who love adventure, reach the highest peak of Troodos mountains Mt. Olympus at 1,952 feet.

Things you "Must Do" in Troodos Mountains

Troodos Highlights: Hiking Trails, Villages, Nature

1. Explore some of the highest waterfalls in Cyprus to roar with excitement, go with the flow and make a splash! Visit the most popular waterfalls in Cyprus, Caledonia & Millomeri offering magical scenery. Feel the water flowing down from the mountains and the sun rays shining on you. Located near Platres village, Caledonia falls is 13 meters high and could be accessed by a nature trail deep in the forest giving visitors an exceptional memory of Cyprus nature! Millomeri waterfalls is 15 meters high and could be reached by a walk from the church of Platres or via a drive right up to it. Plunge your hands into the waters and begin your adventure.

2. Discover a journey through history as you walk to the Kykkos Monastery located 13km from Pedoulas village. Kykkos Monastery was founded in the 12th century, it includes many valuable icons and relics and it is dedicated to Panagia (the Virgin Mary). It is considered as the richest and most lavish monasteries of Cyprus.

3. If you were born to camp and love outdoors, the Troodos mountains are the right place for you. Troodos camping site is the largest mountainside camping in Cyprus. Find a spot, set up your tent and find a picnic place to indulge in and create memories with your favorite ones. Take a walk in the woods and listen to the magic whispers of the trees.

4. Expand your horizons and get lost in the charming and charismatic streets of Troodos villages. During your visit to any of the villages, you will most probably be welcomed by a local with a warm smile. Don’t be surprised if you end up drinking a Cypriot coffee with a person you’ve just met. At Troodos mountains, there is always something new to discover and something different to see! Hike in the nature trails to explore some of the most beautiful places in Cyprus which some offer breathtaking views. You will feel the clean air while getting amazed by the attractiveness of the island’s nature!