Cyprus is a wonderland of gastronomy.

For visitors of the island, the culinary arts are an essential and enriching element of their Cyprus experience. Cyprus considers everything about food to be important and has felt this way for centuries. A Cypriot meal is more like a feast, and the dining experience is about more than just the flavors. The taste of Cyprus encompasses the exquisite flavors as well as the warm hospitality of the host.

For centuries, Cypriots have welcomed travelers to their shores due to the island's position as the midway point between three continents – Europe, Africa, and Asia. Cypriot cuisine gives an insight into the island’s colorful history, with dishes from the Middle East, Italy and even the United Kingdom! With so many intensely delicious foods, it seems too good to be true that many doctors consider the Mediterranean diet to be superior.

Most dishes use a blend of traditional herbs and spices, olive oil, and local ingredients to create mouthwatering masterpieces. The recipes that have been passed down for centuries consists of fruit, vegetables, fish and legumes with a modest amount of red meat and wine. Indulging in traditional Cypriot cuisine can only be made better by the company of the friendly locals.

Cyprus Breakfast Program

A good breakfast is a start to a good day. Having breakfast in Cyprus leaves your tastebuds with an array of unique flavors of the island. The Cyprus Breakfast Program is a project which reflects the inherent Cypriot care for their visitors. This project involves a significant amount of restaurants, hotels, and cafes who offer a Cypriot breakfast to their visitors during specific times of the year. The purpose of the Cypriot Breakfast Program is to promote Cypriot gastronomy and local products while adding more authentic traditional dishes to their menus. At the same time, the program aims to introduce the Cypriot gastronomy to people from all around the world, focusing on the culture and heritage of the land.