We are pleased to serve you in your travels

A primary factor for our airports is to have satisfied passengers. We achieve this by providing a high level travel experience.

Real Time Flights 

We offer you multiple ways in receiving updates concerning your flight and itinerary in real time. One way would be to use the search box found on our homepage, to search via flight number, destination airport or airline. Our bot service is also available once you enter our site, who will directly assist you in any of your questions. 

Alternatively, visit our Larnaka Arrivals/Departures or Pafos Arrivals/Departures page and select the icon next to the flight you wish to receive updates, to start receiving live information directly to your phone. This service is also available via Facebook Messenger, Viber and Twitter. A shortcut would be to simply scan the QR code provided next to this text and initiate your live chat with our bot for the flight you are interested.

Flight Schedule

We provide you with information concerning the flight frequencies of airlines travelling through Larnaka and Pafos airports to better plan your upcoming trip.

Airlines Directory

If you want to communicate with your airline's ground handling agent at either Larnaka or Pafos airports or have enquiries regarding your booking, our airline's directory page carries all the contact details you will require.

We wish you safe travels and we look forward in welcoming you to our airports!