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This is one of the most well-known type of Cypriot weaving since ancient times. One of the reasons weaving was so greatly developed in Cyprus throughout the centuries, was the excellent quality of raw materials produced locally. Processing cotton, spinning it and weaving it was one of the main occupations of Cypriot women. Fythkiotiko is characterized by multi-colored geometrical embossed or plumes, as they are called by the weavers which are formed into cotton material of natural color.

This type of woven fabric was developed in the Paphos district, with the village of Fyti taking centre-stage and being the district’s main weaving centre, and the village from which the fabric took its name. Today, fythkiotika are still being created by the few remaining Fythkiotisses (women from Fyti) who still live in the village or relocated after wedlock - or for other reasons - to Nicosia and Paphos. The tradition is also carried out by weavers trained by the Cyprus Handicraft Service.

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