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Cyprus: Endless Happiness

The sunniest spot in Europe has a great beach scene but head to the interior to find the island’s soul

Cyprus: Handcrafted by Time

Timeless villages, ancient churches, stunning scenery, and mountain trails are just waiting to be discovered in Cyprus.

Cyprus: Dive into the Dream

Looking for urban hideaways, hip clubs, or luxe hotels? Done, done, and done. Cyprus ticks all the boxes.

Explore your Senses

A new perspective

A bite from Cyprus

Eat under the shade of pine trees 

A seaside escape

The blissful climate makes Cyprus the perfect summer destination

Tombs of the kings

Paphos' most popular and most impressive site

Wine Routes

Sun-soaked wine regions, absorbing Cyprus's rich history and culture


The Best Tourism Village by the United Nations World Tourism Organisation

The Agora

Paphos' second most popular attraction is an impressive collection of colourful mosaics


The green heart of Cyprus 

Ayia Napa

A seaside escape

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