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KEAN is Cyprus' biggest citrus fruit producer, processing about 18000 tons of Cypriot citrus fruit. Tradition, knowledge of how, and forward-thinking, together with constant technological upgrading, product improvement, and quality control, safeguarded the KEAN's competitive advantage over the years.

The range of KEAN branded leading products (juices, soft drinks, etc.) with their renowned quality and packaging are of the highest international standards and can be enjoyed in more than 40 countries, while production capacity can offer contract packaging facilities. The 70 years of production experience, commitment to quality, and successful marketing earned the brand strong customer loyalty, built on trust, credibility, and consistency.

KEAN Group shares the values of a Family Business that is friendly towards employees, associates, and consumers, preserving its philosophy and passion for taste and quality, which is an integral part of Cyprus’ culture and pride.


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