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Backstage: The making-of


Who is who

Maria Loizidou is a visual artist, educated in Lyon, France and settled in Nicosia, Cyprus. 

An interview with the artist

Read the artist’s interview in Welcome Magazine.

The Sense of place project

                      Since 2008, Hermes airports introduced the concept "Sense of Place." The principal objective was for both Larnaka kai Pafos airports to express

and promote the rich cultural identity of Cyprus through a modern interpretation that would be reflected with artwork created by local artists.

The birds and the features

Each season has a main feature therefore whenever anyone looks at it, they will say farewell to Cyprus with a vision of something supremely Cypriot. 

The artwork

                               Since October 2020, the artwork “Volant Migrants” by Maria Loizidou, is the handmade grid under which visitors travelling through Larnaka

International Airport get the chance to pass under on their way to their journey.

The concept

                           Departing, migrating, travelling, and flying: meanings are interpreted by the flocks of migratory birds weaved through a receptive process

in the artwork, which interact with the viewer's emotions.


The four seasons

               Four surfaces, four seasons, four points on the horizon, mark the airport area and transform it into an emblematic point of refence when departing

towards an eternal voyage both for birds and people who have as a common journey their passage through Cyprus.

The technique

                                   The research conducted by the artist highlights the variety of migratory birds found on the island, which also surround the natura

habitat nearby the airport premises.

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