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“The work of young artist Marianna Constanti from Pafos is also brimming with references. References to both the mosaics, it is well known that Pafos is home to some of the most prominent mosaic floors worldwide (such as those dating from the 3rd century AD), but also to the cohesion and continuity of the inhabitants of the island. The artist is inspired by female faces, the faces of the women from Pafos. Women, young and old, from all walks of life and social and cultural stratums, from the urban web but also the villages in the area. These images are blended with distinctive depictions of forms associated with the worship of Aphrodite, from various periods of antiquity. By her faddish technique, that of the modern photo-mosaic, Constanti creates an impressive photographic panorama, a cubist collage comprising of a multitude of forms, a multitudinous portrait of Cyprus and its hospitable face. The smiles of the women living on the island combined with the enigmatic beams of the figures from its past, invite us to a journey in time, while their glances bid farewell the travellers, as they depart for their final destination, with a last, warm glimpse at the world of Cyprus. Hospitality is a primeval notion, for centuries under the protection of Zeus Hospitable (Xenios Dias) and Cypriots are most proud of it. Or at least they are fond of making such claims. “. Dr. Yiannis Toumazis

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