Hermes Airports

He was born in Mitsero in 1937. He studied at St. Martins and Hornsey College of Art in London. He was awarded a scholarship from the British Council, he took stage design lessons in London, and was awarded a scholarship from Fulbright Institute to study, research, and lecture at the Pratt University in New York and at the South Dakota State University, USA.

He was a stage and costume design at the Cyprus Theatrical Organization, the National Theatre of Greece, and the Deutsches Theatre of Berlin. He presented his work in many solo and group exhibitions in Cyprus, Greece, the United States, and throughout Europe. He participated and many prestigious international exhibitions including the 1968 India Triennale in New Delhi, in 1969 at Young Artists Biennale in Paris, in 1970 at the Commonwealth Institute in London, in 1971 at Sao Paulo Biennale, in 1972 at the Engraving Biennale in Venice, in 1972 and 1990 at Venice Biennale, and many more. His work is in many public and private collections and his sculptures are in numerous public spaces.

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