Hermes Airports

easyJet is introducing a new operation from Paris CDG to Larnaka, with 2 weekly flights.

Wizzair is adding operation from London Gatwick to Larnaka with up to 10 weekly flights, whereas the airline is also adding the Larnaka-Cardiff route with 2 weekly flights. The airline is also introducing the Larnaka-Yerevan with 2 weekly flights.

Eurowings is introducing a new operation from Prague with two weekly flights to Larnaka, whereas it is also adding flights from, Stockholm, Arlanda to Larnaka, with two weekly flights.

Jet2 is introducing a new operation from Bristol to both Larnaka and Pafos with 2 weekly flights each.

Ryanair is introducing Newcastle to Pafos with 2 weekly flights.

Cyprus Airways is adding the Larnaka-Cairo route.

Correndon is introducing the Larnaka-Dusseldorf route.

TUS Airways has added the Larnaka-Paris route.

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