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Basel Airport: Basel-Larnaka operation used to serve more than 30k passengers in the pre-pandemic period with a 90% load factor. The catchment area of the route was extended beyond Basel, with a lot of traveling traffic from both south Germany and eastern France. The re-introduction of the route, which was interrupted only in 2021, has great potential for a successful operation.

DUB Dublin Airport: Approximately 10k passengers have travelled between Dublin and Larnaka during 2019. Most of these passengers were inbound leisure travellers, whereas a smaller percentage of this traffic traveled for visiting friends and relatives. The potential of the route is estimated to be much bigger, as some years back there were more than 60k inbound visitors from Ireland to Cyprus. The route was operated on a year-round basis during 2017 and 2018, whereas currently there is direct operation only from Pafos airport.

Belfast Airport: Belfast is one of the few United Kingdom destinations that will not be served directly this year with Larnaka. In the past, there used to be a direct operation, with approximately 10k total passengers having travelled during the Summer period of 2019. There is a great potential for the route due to the greater Belfast catchment area and the huge interest in inbound holidays to Cyprus.            

MAD Madrid - Barajas Airport: Madrid remains unserved from Cyprus. In 2019, 17k passengers travelled between Larnaka and Madrid via various connecting airports, whereas another 30k passengers travelled between Cyprus and other points in Spain. The route was served for two consecutive years, in 2017 and 2018, with two weekly frequencies on a year-round basis. Direct service is expected to attract traffic from both ends as both Cyprus and Madrid are attractive destinations for leisure purposes year-round.    

BCN Barcelona Airport: Barcelona is currently unserved from Cyprus, whereas in the last few years it was served marginally during the peak summer season. In 2019, 17k passengers travelled between Larnaka and Barcelona via various connecting airports, whereas another 30k passengers travelled between Cyprus and other points in Spain. Barcelona was served in the past with very good traffic numbers and load factors, with traffic from both ends.

Bordeaux Airport: After some years, France has reconnected with Cyprus with direct flights from various points in the country, including Paris and other regional destinations. The French market remains high on the list of Cyprus for inbound leisure visitors as it has great potential. In 2019 more than 100k passengers travelled indirectly between the two countries. Currently Bordeaux is one of the destinations in France that remains unserved from Cyprus.

Tallinn Airport: Tallinn is the only capital of the Baltic countries that remains unserved from Cyprus. In 2021 more than 20k travelled directly between Tallinn and Pafos. The recent withdrawal of the direct service creates additional potential for introducing the route from Larnaka. The potential of the route, based on pre-pandemic data, exceeds the 40k total passengers.

Bratislava Airport: Bratislava is currently unserved from Larnaka airport whereas there is direct service only from Pafos Airport. In the pre-pandemic period, more than 65k passengers travelled between Cyprus and Bratislava, more than 80% of whom were O&D traffic.

Kuwait International Airport: Kuwait currently remains unserved from Cyprus, whereas there is a potential for over 20k total passengers, based on pre-pandemic figures.

Riyadh Airport: Larnaka-Riyadh had more than 10k passengers indirect traffic during 2019, whereas the total traffic from Cyprus to Saudi Arabia is estimated to be more than 25k passengers. Cyprus has a good product for both short breaks and long stays for Saudis and expatriates living in Saudi Arabia but also Cypriots that are traveling to Saudi Arabia for business.

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