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Tallinn Airport: Tallinn is the only capital of the Baltic countries that remains unserved from Cyprus. In 2021 more than 20k travelled directly between Tallinn and Pafos. The recent withdrawal of the direct service creates additional potential for introducing the route from Larnaka. The potential of the route, based on pre-pandemic data, exceeds the 40k total passengers.

Nantes Airport: After some years, France has reconnected with Cyprus with direct flights from various points in the country, including Paris and other regional destinations. The French market remains high on the list of Cyprus for inbound leisure visitors as it has great potential. In 2019 more than 100k passengers travelled indirectly between the two countries. Currently, Nantes is one of the destinations in France that remains unserved from Cyprus whereas the route was operated in the past during the summer season.

Genoa Airport: The Italian market has experienced significant growth during the last years, especially from Pafos airport, with the opening of several new destinations. These destinations have been of great interest for Cyprus travellers as well as for inbound leisure tourism. Genoa is one of the destinations that are currently unserved from Cyprus, and a direct service will provide the potential for inbound leisure traffic but also a great opportunity for the Cypriots to explore the French-Italian riviera.

Leipzig Airport: Leipzig is one of the destinations in Germany currently remaining unserved from Cyprus, with a wider catchment area in the east of the country with no direct service. This year the German market is expected to have a very good performance, with higher than the pre-pandemic period traffic numbers.

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