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Cyprus: Collect moments

Come for the coastline and three millennia of history — but head to the interior to find the island’s soul

Cyprus: Explore your senses

From glittering, sun-kissed coasts and rolling mountains, to fragrant forests and rugged headlands, this Mediterranean island is ideal for any adventure

Cyprus: Handcrafted by Time

Agrotourism is for those who want to experience the Cyprus countryside, the culture, and the traditional side of the island

Wine Routes

Oenophiles will love the variety of these interesting wineries

Sun & Sea

The blissful climate makes Cyprus the perfect autumn beach destination


Explore the island's countryside for an unforgettable cycling experience

Cyprus: Collect experiences

Check out a roster of places considered to be of outstanding value to humanity

Taste Cyprus

Food is so inseparable from experience and place

Ancient Kourion

One of the most important and impressive archaeological sites in Cyprus

Cape Greco

The ideal spot for hikers and adventurous swimmers

Lefkara Village

Unspoilt Cypriot naturalness

Kykkos Monastery

One of the best-known monasteries on the island

Kolossi Castle

A reminder of Cyprus’s crusading history

Pafos Zoo

Spend a perfect day surrounded by the magical sounds and colours of nature

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