Hermes Airports

The Sense of Place project

Establishing a Cypriot feel full of culture, beauty, and vibrancy

A New Era

Enhancing the Sense of Place concept

Cyprus' nature

Sounds of birds, and the bursting smell of blooming citrus trees, herbs, and roses.

Multicultural influences

Elements derived from multicultural influences that have been developed over the historical course of the island. 

People of Cyprus

And their way of life on the island, their personality, customs, and traditions.

Dionysus at the airport

A staircase inspired by the house of Dionysus.

The Volant Migrants

Departing, migrating, travelling, and flying

Birth and Rebirth

By Valentinos Charalambous, 1967 / Mosaic

Larnaka International Airport, departure area

Ceremonial Gathering

By Angelos Makrides, 2009 - Material: Bronze

Larnaka International Airport, departure area


By Helene Black, 2008 / Material: Steel, metallic auto paint, blue fluorescent lights, granite

Pafos International Airport, Entrance 


By Nikos Kouroussis, 2009 / Material: Mixed media

Larnaka Airport – Arrivals Baggage Claim Hall


By Theodoulos Gregoriou, 2009 / Material: Inox, aluminium, leds

Larnaka Airport – Parking Area


By Theodoulos Gregoriou, 2009 / Material: Cement, inox, minerals, leds

Larnaka Airport – Parking Area

Contemporary Aphrodites

By Marianna Constanti, 2008 / Material: Mixed media, C-type photography

Pafos International Airport, departure area

Volant Migrants

By Maria Loizidou, 2020 / Material:Handwoven inox mesh, metal's sheets 

Larnaka International Airport, Departure Area 

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