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"Nikos Kouroussis’ work, in Larnaka airport Arrivals – Baggage Claim Hall stands as an expression par excellence of the relation between Cyprus and copper. As he approaches, the visitor sees an army of dozens of copper ships floating and swaying in the air. As he comes closer, he perceives them more like ears dancing an ancient Cypriot dance. When he reaches them, he understands that they pop out of twelve illuminated by blue neon, transparent Plexiglas cubes. Cubes that gestate twelve distinct images of memory, history, and culture. Twelve Pandora’s boxes, each one containing raw materials and objects, memories and reminiscences: Wood and metal, salt and vinegar, cuneiform writing, idols, and archaic capitulums, Aphrodite’s thread”. Twelve stops in the long journey of History. Twelve moments in time, where the blue light lends a sense of immortality. An immortality that connects the earth with heaven, the man with cosmos". Learn More

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