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«As visitors arrive at the airport of Pafos, they are greeted by a cluster of strange figures that resemble small, smiling people. Their hands are spread out and, together with their bodies; they appear to form a cross. This dynamic composition is a work by artist Helene Black, and has, as its starting point, the distinctive picrolite figurines dating from the Chalcolithic period (IVth-IIIrd millennium BC), many of which were found in the area of Pafos. They are believed to be connected to the worship of fertility and the subsequent sanction of the worship of Aphrodite, the Goddess of Beauty, in Pafos. The harmonic geometry of these figurines allows the artist to shape an impressive complex of figures, which welcome the visitor and are governed by intense vertical and horizontal axes connecting the sky and the ground. The colors of the work are inspired by the earthly hues of Cyprus, while the pebbles and the blue light radiating from the decorated base, refer to the sea and the birth of the goddess. The shadows of the forms, massive tessera on the granite floor, dynamically complete the composition and appositely relate Cyprus’ rich past with its modern face». Learn More

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