We understand that travelling with babies and young children can be a logistical challenge, which is why we do our best to accommodate the needs of even the youngest of our travelers and make things easier for parents!

Please find below a list with facilities available for families travelling with children through Larnaka International Airport:

1. Baby Changing Rooms

Μothers have the right to be able to change their babies in favorable conditions. For this purpose, Larnaka airport provides clean facilities equipped with changing tables, enabling you to change your baby in private. The baby changing rooms are located in all toilet blocks within the terminal. 

2. Breastfeeding Facilities 

Breastfeeding mothers require a quiet area to breastfeed their child, so in order to cater for this need we have equipped some of our “Baby Changing Facilities” with:

  • Foldable Stool
  • Socket for a Milk Pump

Breastfeeding Facilities may be found within the “Baby Changing Facilities” at the following locations:

  • Check-In Area –  Toilet Block next to the “Special Luggage Drop-Off” Counter (Level 2)
  • Departure Gates Area –Toilet Block on the left as you are leaving the Retail Area to proceed to the Departure Gates Area (Level 2)
  • Baggage Reclaim Area –Toilet Block opposite Baggage Reclaim Belt No. 1 (Level 1) 

3. Internet & WIFI

Larnaka & Pafos International Airports provide FREE Wi-Fi in the terminal buildings. Travelers and airport visitors may use any Wi-Fi enabled device to connect and download kid’s favorite apps to keep young travelers entertained. 

4. Baby Strollers

We understand the challenges faced by families traveling with young children and Baby Strollers, so it is important to share with you the information below.

Each airline has its own procedures which define how Baby Strollers are handled for its customers. These procedures are then followed by the local Ground Handling companies who are responsible for the delivery of luggage, including Baby Strollers, for the passengers of the airlines they each represent. 

If an airline has a specific procedure in place, allowing for the Baby Strollers of its passengers to be tagged as “Priority” accordingly during Check-In formalities at the airport of origin and later for the Baby Stroller to be left at the entrance of the aircraft by the parents to be placed in the aircraft hold with “Priority” – so it may then be delivered in a  timely fashion at the entrance of the aircraft at the airport of destination – then the airline’s customers can request for this during Check-In formalities and enjoy this service. 

In cases where airlines do not have such a “Priority” procedure in place, Baby Strollers are usually mixed in the aircraft hold with other luggage and are delivered to the customer in the Baggage reclaim area at the airport of destination. 

At Larnaka airport, for airlines that do not have a specific “Priority” procedure for delivering Baby Strollers at the aircraft door, or if this service is provided bur passengers did not request for it during Check-In formalities at the airport of origin, Baby Strollers and other Special Luggage Items should be collected from the collection point located behind Baggage Reclaim Belt No.5. 

Please feel free to contact your airline for more information on how Baby Strollers are handled.

5. Express Lane

Children have little patience to wait around, so standing in queues with them can be a challenge! Families with young children and strollers travelling through Larnaka airport may use the airport’s “Express Lane” in order to minimize waiting times. 

Express Lane Tickets may be purchased as follows:
  • Book Online – up to 24 hours prior to the departure time of your flight  

click on “Extras”
Price: at Euro 3.50 per person

  • At the airport  - at the 2 Express Lane Ticket Machines located as follows:

- At the entrance of the “Express Lane” in the Check-In Area on Departures Level 2
- After the Electronic Boarding Card Readers and before Immigration on Departures level 2

6. Games Area 

Games are available throughout the premises of Larnaka airport. Dedicated Games Area for all ages can also be found at the Departure Gates Area.

7. Porter Service

Individual travelers or groups flying to/from Larnaka airport may take the advantage of the Porter Service available to assist with their baggage upon their arrival or departure. 

Friendly and experienced staff provide: 

  • Assistance & Transfer of baggage to the Check-In desks for departing passengers  
  • Assistance with baggage in the Baggage Reclaim Area for arriving passengers
  • Transportation of baggage to your car, taxi and/or bus area, etc.
  • Assistance to groups  

The fee for using the Porter Service is €10 per airport luggage trolley.

For more information, please contact:
Hellenic Tzilalis (Cyprus) Ltd
Tel.: +357 99339936
Email: v.hadjiyiakoumi@htz.com.cy 

* please note that the email address is in service from Monday to Friday between 08:00 to 16:00 hrs