Help & Frequently Asked Questions for Online Car Park bookings 

Q1. Do the prices include VAT?

Yes, the prices as presented are final.

Q2. I'm trying to book for tomorrow but the system doesn't allow me to proceed.

This is because the reservation system allows you to book at least 2 hours before the desired arrival time at the airport.

Q3.  I paid the booking but I have NOT received the booking confirmation.

This may happen for two reasons.
(a) The email address provided on your personal data is incorrect and therefore the booking confirmation was sent elsewhere.
(b) The booking was not completed due to a technical problem, even though the payment was processed successfully.
Contact us at to resolve the issue.

Q4. What time do I need to set for arrival at the airport if the flight departs at 08:00 am?

It is advised to set the booking arrival time at least 2 hours before your flight departs.  

Q5. I've chosen the wrong airport for booking and the system doesn't allow me to change it.

In this case, change of the airport is not possible. You will need to cancel the booking through the cancellation process and make another booking with the correct information. The system will automatically refund the amount of your cancelled reservation and will be transferred to your account within 3-5 business days.

Q6.  Are there any special conditions attached to my booking?

No, you are booking a flexible product which means if you need to change your dates, because your travel plans change – you can! There is no administration fee for making changes unless you wish to alter your dates to a longer period of stay in which case you will need to pay the difference. For example, if you booked 8 days and wish to extend to 10 days; you will be charged again for the additional amount.

Another example would be a change in the month – supposing you booked for a week in March and wish to change it to July, then an additional charge may be imposed due to the different rates apply for July which is considered peak season.

Q7. Do you apply charges for booking cancellations or amendments?

No additional charges apply.

Q8. What is the time limit for booking cancellations or amendments?

You can cancel or amend the booking at least 6 hours prior the commencement of your booking. Cancellation request prior the 6 hours  of the commencement date of your booking will enable full refund of the  amount. Failure to do so, will not receive any refund and you will not be entitled to any compensation whatsoever.

Q9. Can I come in a different car than the one I have declared on the online booking?

No, you must use the car you have declared, since the number plate is automatically recognised for the barrier to open. Should you come in a different car, the barrier will not open.  You also have the option to modify your booking details at least 24 hours prior to your arrival at the airport.

Q10.  Will the barrier open if I come to park earlier than what I have stated on my booking?

The booking reservation is activated maximum 60 minutes earlier than the time stated on your booking arrival time.

Q11. I lost my parking ticket. What do I do?

The ticket is necessary so if you lost it, please request from the parking operator to re-issue your ticket.
(a) The ticket is required to exit the gate. Scan the ticket at the dedicated spot to activate the barrier.
(b) If you have exceeded the pre-paid period, the ticket is required to pay the overstay fee.

Q12. Although I have confirmed booking, when I came to the airport, the barrier didn't open. What to do?

This means that your reservation is not triggered either because your number plates are different from the ones you have stated on your reservation or because the vehicle number plates have not been decoded correctly by the system. Press the ticket button for a regular ticket and go to the Parking Office to activate your reservation.

Q13. Are there any facilities for people with special needs?

There are special parking spaces for people with reduced mobility and are located within the Short Stay Parking. These spaces CANNOT be booked online. If you plan to travel and wish to use such a place, we offer special discounts for Long Term Parking to Blue Card holders. Just visit the "Parking Office" to get the discount.

Q14.  How safe is my car at the airport car parking area?

All parking areas at the airport are provided to park at your own risk. All sites are regularly patrolled for airport security purposes.

Q15. My flight is delayed. I will return an hour later than scheduled. Do I have to pay extra for parking?

No, you will not have to pay extra if the maximum delay is up to 4 hours. The booking system automatically provides you with an additional time of up to 4 hours. 

For any queries on matters regarding car booking or questions that have not been answered 
through our Frequently Asked Questions, email us on or call us at 24030026.