I am travelling to an EU/non-EU country, what documents do I require?

Document requirements may vary based on the airline you are travelling with and the destination.  In case you are not certain what documents are required, you are advised to check with your airline before your arrival at the airport.

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Is there a limit on the liquids I can carry with me on board?

Yes, there is a certain limit to the quantity you can take with you in your hold luggage and in your hand luggage. Liquids quantity for hold luggage may vary based on the airline you are travelling with or the destination you are travelling to. You can find more information regarding liquids allowance for hand luggage here.

How can I travel with my pet?

Regulations and procedures for the transportation of pets - in the passenger cabin, in the aircraft hold - vary amongst airlines and destinations. For further information it is recommended that you check with your airline. You'll find important information on the applicable rules and guidelines as well as useful tips to ensure your pet's comfort and well-being during the flight here.

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