Larnaka & Pafos airports provide assistance to Persons with Disabilities and Reduced Mobility for arrival, departure, and transit.

If you know that you will need assistance at the airport, please inform your airline or travel agent at the time of your flight ticket booking or at least 48 hours prior to your departure to accommodate your requirements as best as possible and to make your journey as comfortable as possible. 

At Larnaka & Pafos airports, we are striving to continuously improve services provided to our customers including persons with disabilities and reduced mobility.  An airport for everyone.

Please refer to the frequently asked questions and answers for persons with disabilities and reduced mobility for answers to specific questions you may have.

A description of all services and facilities provided to persons with disabilities and reduced mobility can be seen by clicking on the below links:

  • We offer multiple Facilities and Services  for Persons with disabilities and reduced mobility

  • At Hermes Airports we fully support the European Union's statement: "If you have reduced mobility, you should have access to air travel like anyone else." For more information about assistance and rights, please visit  Passenger Rights for persons with disabilities and reduced mobility

  • Hermes Airports is dedicated to quality in all that we do. As such, we follow very strict Quality Standards for the assistance provided to PRM at the airport

  • When you need to use a wheelchair or scooter to get around, the thought of flying in a commercial airliner can understandably cause a lot of anxiety and sometimes even fear. To address these concerns we have created this convenient document outlining "How to maximize your journey & minimize your anxiety":  Flying with your own wheelchair

  • Guests who may require special care or assistance but are Infrequent or first-time flyers may have questions about how to make their experience as stress-free and comfortable as possible. Guidance leaflet for PRM who may be infrequent or first-time flyers

  • Eagle Lifter Transfers - Larnaka Airport offers the use of the Eagle Passenger Lifter. Eagle Passenger Lifter transfers eliminate all manual handling/lifting, thus avoiding the risks involved to both passengers and staff. 

A Changing Place Facility

 "Changing Place" Facility - Larnaka Airport 

A “Changing Place” facility for persons with disabilities is different to standard accessible toilets, as it is a separate facility equipped with a hoist, a height-adjustable adult-sized changing bench, and shower, providing sanitary accommodation for people with multiple and complex disabilities who have one or two assistants with them and need this separate facility and the extra equipment it provides so as to be able to use the toilets safely and comfortably, wash the disabled person, as well as change incontinence pads and/or clothes. 

The facility is located in the public area at Arrivals and may be used by both arriving and departing persons with disabilities that need it.

"I CAN FLY" Program

Individuals with autism often face sensory and anxiety-related challenges in highly stimulating environments such as airports, so we are truly committed to making the passage of individuals with autism and their families as “fast, smooth and stress-free” as possible when traveling through Larnaka & Pafos airports.

"I CAN FLY" program for individuals & families living with Autism

A step-by-step Storybook Larnaka Airport - Pafos Airport

A step-by-step Checklist Larnaka AirportPafos Airport

A stress-free trip often starts with the right preparation. For advice on how to prepare for such a trip, please see our complementary Toolkit Tips.

Feedback regarding service provision for Persons with Disabilities and Reduced Mobility (PRM):

Complaints Procedure

We strive for excellence in all of our interactions with our guests and continually seek ways to improve our service. If you would like to help us in our efforts, please complete this brief Customer satisfaction questionnaire

Transportation for people with Special Access Needs from Cyprus Districts 

Available transport options for PRM, equipment rentals, PRM taxis and useful numbers for PRM

Accessible beaches for people with Special Access Needs

View 48 beaches for people with special access needs, including 27 fully accessible and 21 partially accessible beaches.


ACI AWARDS 2016 – Recognition for Larnaka airport
Larnaka airport is proud to have received in June 2016 an important Distinction at the “AIRPORT COUNCIL INTERNATIONAL AWARDS 2016”, whereby Larnaka airport was highly commended in the Category “Most Accessible Airport In Europe” for the Facilities & Services it offers to Disabled Persons & Persons with Reduced Mobility (PRM), “the positive traveling experience it gives to persons with disabilities & persons with reduced mobility as well as “for its great efforts to comply with Accessibility Standards”.

ACI AWARDS 2017 – Larnaka airport awarded as “Most Accessible Airport in Europe”
ACI Europe awarded Larnaka International Airport with the first prize, among 500 other European airports from 45 states, in the category of "Most Accessible Airport for persons with disabilities & persons with reduced mobility”.  The jury of ACI Europe, evaluated that the airport stands out for its remarkable accessible friendly initiatives, such as the use of the "Eagle lift" facilities for the embarkation and disembarkation of people with disabilities and mobility difficulties, the level of accessibility with regard to check-in machines and E-gates, as well as for other interesting additional features such as sockets for electric wheelchairs, free parking for 120 minutes, cooperation with senior travel groups and improved accessibility features on the airport website.

ACI AWARDS 2018 Pafos International Airport awarded the “Most Accessible Airport For People With Disabilities”
Pafos airport gets international recognition for offering the best services to persons with disabilities. The ACI committee noted the overall approach of Hermes Airports, which operates Pafos (PFO) and Larnaka (LCA), praising, in particular, the inclusion of BorderXpress, low-rise terminals that are wheelchair-accessible. Pafos also installed low-rise automated parking ticket pay machines, electronic E-gates, as well as a rating system for persons with disabilities that they can use to give feedback on services. The association wrote on its website that it “makes a significant contribution toward ensuring the global air transport system is safe, secure, efficient and environmentally sustainable.”

"Changing Place" Facility for persons with disabilities - Larnaka Airport
Further to the recognition for Larnaka International Airport in 2017 at the ACI Awards in the Category “Accessible Airport”, Hermes Airports continues to raise the bar in the facilities and services it offers and has created a “Changing Place” facility for persons with disabilities at Larnaka International Airport.