We have prepared the following information for you to become aware of all the accessible services available at Larnaka and Pafos International Airports. We hope this will help make your experience at our airports a pleasant one. Please use the the Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire to send us any comments or suggestions.

We advise you to arrange for any special assistance you may require in advance, either directly with your airline or through your travel agent.

Accessible facilities and services Larnaka airport:

  • Access to Larnaka airport premises
  • "Drop-Off Only" temporary parking stalls
  • "Pick-Up Only" temporary parking stalls
  • Parking
  • Priority car parking pay machines
  • "Help Points"
  • Blind paths
  • High visibility stickers
  • "Special Assistance Desk"
  • Ticketing sales counters
  • Power Charging Stations for electric wheelchairs
  • Free access through the express lane service
  • Priority Immigration Desks
  • Unisex Toilet Facilities
  • Priority seating
  • Eagle Passenger Lift 
  • Changing Place
  • "Room Mate"
  • "I CAN FLY" program for individuals & families living with Autism

Accessible facilities and services at Pafos airport: