Travelling around the world with your little ones!

Travelling with your kids, apart from being an enlightening and eye-opening experience from them, it will always be daunting for you. Which is why we do our best to make your family travel a breeze!

The following facilities are available for use, hoping to ease your time at our airports, up until your flight's departure:

Baby Changing Rooms

Our airports provide unisex facilities equipped with changing tables, enabling you to complete the nappy change of your baby or child, in private, and in the most hygienic way possible. You may find these rooms in all the toilet block facilities throughout our premises.

Breastfeeding Rooms

If you are a breastfeeding mother, you will require a quiet area to breastfeed your child. In order to cater to your need, we have equipped some of our "Baby Changing Rooms" with a seating area and power sockets for milk pumps.

You may use the dedicated breastfeeding facilities at either airport to nurse your baby comfort.

Larnaka airport's breastfeeding rooms are located:

  • Next to the “Special Luggage Drop-Off” counter, in the check-in area
  • Within the retail area, towards the departure gates (left hand side of area)
  • Within the baggage reclaim area, in arrivals (opposite belt no. 1)

Pafos airport's breastfeeding rooms are located:

  • In arrivals, at the "Meeters & Greeters" area
  • Next to the "Premium" Business Lounge, in the departure gates
  • Within the baggage reclaim area, in arrivals (opposite belt no. 2)

Baby Strollers

Each airline has its own procedures which define how baby strollers are handled for its customers. These procedures are followed by our Ground Handling companies, whose agents are responsible for the delivery of luggage at the aircraft, including your baby strollers.

We advice that you contact your airline in advance and notify the agent during your luggage drop-off or check-in procedure, to arrange the drop-off and pick-up points of your baby stroller once you reach your destination.

Express Lane

Since your children might have a little patience to wait around, in queues with them can be a challenge! If you are a family with young children travelling through Larnaka airport, you may take advantage of the "Express Lane" route to minimize your waiting times.

You may purchase Express Lane tickets using the following methods:

  • Hermes Online Booking portal. Your purchase can be made up to 24 hours prior to your flight's departure.
  • At the airport, by using the two Express Lane ticket machines located at the entrance of the "Express Lane" route in the check-in area or the one located after the Electronic Boarding Card Readers, just before passport control.

Games Area*

Be carefree and let your children play at our airport's kids corners! Areas where girls and boys can play safely, without getting bored while waiting for your flight, during your unwind moments at one of your food and beverage outlets or enjoying shopping in our retail stores. The games rooms are located in the departure gates area, whereas smaller game units can be found throughout our premises.

*The games area is temporarily out of service.

After all, you and your children should enjoy every moment of your journey and create a lifetime of memories along the way!