Optimize your Travel Experience

Conveniently save time with the range of airport services that can be booked online before arriving at the airport. Through our online booking portal, you may pre-book your parking beforehand and order your currency, so that it is ready for pick-up by the time of your departure. Additionally, you may expedite your process during the passport control and security checks via our Express Lane service to unwind in our lounges, which you may also pre-book.

The links that follow will provide you details on all the facilities and services we offer at Larnaka and Pafos airports.

Car Parking

Make your arrival and departure as smooth as possible with our convenient online Car Parking Registration where you can select your airport, arrival date, and departure date to search availability and choose between Covered and Uncovered parking options to suit your needs.


Enjoy the comfort and luxury of airport lounge facilities to set the tone for your relaxing journey.

Express Lane

Quicker access to security checks and boarding area through a dedicated route; spending less time in queues with more time to relax!

Ordering Currency

Order and convert your currency to or from Euros online in 5 easy steps!