Information regarding COVID-19 measures at Larnaka & Pafos Airports

Important Announcement:

Within the framework of the measures announced by the Republic of Cyprus regarding the gradual easing of the restrictions in flights operated to and from Larnaka and Pafos Airport, the action plan foresees two phases for the opening of the airports and the restoration of Cyprus’ connectivity with other countries, as follows:

  • PHASE A: 9 – 19 June 2020
  • PHASE B: 20 June 2020

The classification of the countries was made based on their current epidemiological data. To this extend, two categories were created including countries with which connectivity is restored.

Category A: Greece, Malta, Bulgaria, Norway, Austria, Finland, Slovenia, Hungary, Israel, Denmark, Germany, Slovakia, Lithuania.

Category B: Switzerland, Poland, Romania, Croatia, Estonia and the Czech Republic. 

During Phase A, whoever arrives from the countries included both categories, will have to furnish a clear Covid-19 test from a certified laboratory to be allowed onboard. The test should have a negative result and be conducted within 72 hours before departure. Cypriot citizens and permanent residents in Cyprus, also have the opportunity to take the test upon their arrival in Cyprus. In this case and until the test results are issued, they are to remain in self-isolation at home.

During Phase B, which commences on 20 June, any passenger arriving from countries belonging in Category A, will not need to have a test in place. 

For passengers arriving from countries included in Category B, will continue to need a clear COVID19 test issued 72 hours before their departure in order to be allowed onboard. Cypriot nationals and legal residents from those countries will be able to take the test upon their arrival to the island. In such an occasion and until the test results are issued, they will remain in self-isolation at home.

For all other countries which are not included in the two categories, at any given time, the Republic of Cyprus will allow flights carrying solely Cypriot citizens and people to whom special permission will be granted. 

In this occasion, they would have to furnish a clear Covid-19 test conducted 72 hours previously, before they are allowed to board an aircraft to Cyprus. Alternatively, the test can be conducted upon their arrival to Cyprus, however passengers will remain at a designated area for 1 day or until the test results are issued.

All passengers arriving from countries which are not included in the two categories, will be transported to their houses to undergo a 14 day self-isolation. The cost for the laboratory test as well as the quarantine/self-isolation/transportation cost will be paid by the passenger.

In countries where it is verified that the Authorities cannot provide laboratory test services, and in order to facilitate those passengers interested to travel to Cyprus, this facility will be provided upon their arrival in Cyprus.

The Ministry of Health will continue to evaluate the epidemiological data of the countries, in order to validate the inclusion of the countries in the abovementioned categories. In the following days, additional countries will be announced.

As of Monday, May 25 at 6am, people who are currently in quarantine will be allowed to go home and spend the remaining days in self- isolation, based on the category of their country of origin.

Those repatriating between May 25 and June 8 will be tested upon arrival and remain for one day at a designated place or until the result is issued. They will then go home and self-isolate for seven days if arriving from countries included in the two categories and 14 days if arriving from other countries.


A new Call Centre in full operation for Cypriot citizens who are currently abroad

In order to facilitate a better communication with Cypriot citizens who are currently abroad and wish to repatriated back to Cyprus, the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works has announced the operation of a new call center. The call center is operated by volunteers from the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works, the Zenon Center, the Civil Defense and Hermes Airports.
Cypriot citizens who are currently abroad and wish to return back to Cyprus, are requested to contact directly the call centre at +357 24205730 or by email at:
More information:

Pick-up process of vehicles from Larnaka and Pafos airports, for those who are subject to quarantine or have been obligated to remain overseas due to the latest measures taken to confine COVID-19:

  • Passengers that have pre-booked/pre-paid online, will not be charged with any additional cost for the extra days their car is parked at the airport’s premises.
  • Passengers that have received a ticket when entering the car park, which is payable upon their exit, will pay only for the period initially planned to remain in the parking, prior to the quarantine or prior to any flight cancellation.

Customer service at Pafos airport will be made via the intercom connected to the car park’s ticket payment office.

The presentation of a document certifying either flight cancellation or quarantine is desirable but not mandatory. For further information and clarifications you may contact Larnakas' airport parking office at +357 24008136 on a 24-hour basis.

Information for Ukrainian Passengers:

  • According to the statement of the President of Ukraine, Ukraine has banned all scheduled passenger air services.
  • Charter flights scheduled on March 16 and onwards will be operated solely to get the tourists back to Ukraine. According to the statement of the President of Ukraine, the government will organize several special non-scheduled flights to bring Ukrainian citizens home.

Ukraine International assures it will provide the state authorities with maximum support in the matter. The citizens of Ukraine who have not returned home by 16 March 2020, must contact Ukraine’s consular agencies abroad. In this regard, the Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Cyprus is preparing the list of groups of people (Ukrainian citizenship), and kindly ask them to provide the following information: Full Name (Ukrainian/English) / Age / Contact telephone number / E-mail / Flight Info. (This information must be delivered by phone (+357) 96 109 331 or to email: