The Baggage Storage service is provided at Larnaka and Pafos airports in cooperation with Safe-Sac J.V.

If you wish to store your baggage at the airport for a few hours or a few days, will need to visit the Special Baggage Counter, located at the Check-in area.

  • The following items are strictly forbidden to be included in baggage that will be deposited for storage: Cash, Negotiable securities, Jewellery and other valuables, Weapons and Explosives.
  • Inflammable and other hazardous materials
  • Items that spoil easily or have an unpleasant odour
  • Other illegal substances or illegal materials, as per the law of the Republic of Cyprus and International Regulations.
  • A Baggage Storage Form will need to be completed and a Baggage Storage Tag will need to be issued and placed on each piece of luggage or special baggage (oversized baggage).
  • Any external damages on the baggage and locking system of the baggage or special baggage item to be stored will need to be identified and recorded on the Baggage Storage Form.
  • When the Baggage Storage Form is completed, you will be given the original copy. The second copy of the Baggage Storage Form will remain with Safe-Sac J.V..
  • If a third person will be collecting the baggage on your behalf you will need to pay in advance and specify the authorised collector’s name, ID number and contact details.
  • Payment can be made by either cash or credit card.
  • Items will be stored in special shelves and will remain locked and secured.
  • Safe-Sac J.V. has the right to open and examine the contents of any baggage at any time and may, without incurring any liability, remove from the baggage or destroy any item or part of it which, at the company’s discretion, may cause injury, inconvenience or damage to property or people, or constitutes a public threat.
  • To collect the baggage, the original copy of the Baggage Storage Form and the ID of the recipient must be presented to the Baggage Storage Service Staff.
  • If a third person will be collecting the baggage on your behalf, this person will need to cover any additional cost incurred for any extra time the baggage remained in storage and not initially calculated and pre-paid by yourself.
  • To verify the collection of the baggage, the person collecting the baggage must sign both the original copy, as well as the second copy of the Baggage Storage Form.
Duration of Storage Cost for baggage
(per piece & incl. of VAT)
First 3 hours € 10.00
3 – 5 hours € 13.00
5 – 7 hours € 16.00
7 – 9 hours € 19.00
9 – 24 hours € 22.00
Each additional day over the 24 hours Plus € 20.00


For more information contact:

Safe-Sac J.V.

Check-in Area 
Tel. +357 99876142