We have prepared the following for you to become aware of all the accessible services available at Larnaka and Pafos International Airports, to help make your experience at our airports a pleasant one.

Larnaka airport:

  • Accessible Facilities and Services 
  • Access to Larnaka airport premises
  • Drop-Off Only - temporary parking stalls
  • Pick-Up Only - temporary parking stalls
  • Parking
  • Priority car parking pay machines
  • Help Points
  • Blind paths
  • High visibility stickers
  • Special Assistance Desk
  • Ticketing sales counters
  • Power Charging Stations for electric wheelchairs
  • Free access through the express lane service
  • Priority Immigration Desks
  • Unisex Toilet Facilities
  • Priority seating
  • Eagle Passenger Lifter
  • Changing Place
  • Room Mate
  • "I CAN FLY" program for individuals & families living with Autism (stress-free Toolkit Tips, step-by-step Storybook, step-by-step Checklist)


Pafos airport:


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