You will find a local bank branch that provides foreign exchange and basic banking facilities, such as ATMs for cash withdrawals, transfers and deposits.

The bank branch at Larnaka airport is located at:

  • Departures - Level 2, near the Check-in area (local banking hours operation)

ATMs are available before the Security Check points, as follows: 

  • Two near the bank branch, within the Check-in area

Currency exchange services are available by Onexchange, that offers a number of currencies with favourable exchange rates. Simply drop by the service desk or any ATM.

Onexchange is located:

  • Departures – Level 2 after the retail and food & beverage area
  • Arrivals – Level 0 after Customs Control

The ATMs for currency exchange are available both before and after the Security Check points, as follows: 

  • Within the Check-in area next to the Information Desk 
  • In the retail area (after security screening), next to Central Bar
  • Near Departure Gate no. 25 
  • In the Baggage Reclaim area

You can now pre-order your currency online and pick it up at the airport!