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The best place to relax before the flight. Atrium provides a rich and selected menu that satisfies every visitor. Salads, sushi, homemade pies, tarts, sandwiches, crepes and pastries. All this is complemented by a wide variety of beverages including hot, cold and alcoholic drinks.


Departures Hall, Level 2 (after the Passport Control area)

Opening Hours

July - October: open 24hrs
November - March: 07:00 - 22:00
April - June: open 24hrs

The opening hours of our f&b shops may be adjusted depending on the passengers’ traffic.

Greek yogurt breakfast offer. Get a greek yogurt, granola, honey, strawberries and walnuts for only €6.25

Cyprus breakfast offer.  Get a grilled halloumi cheese, egg, bacon, homemade sausage, grilled tomato for only €6.45