September 25, 2020

As we are all counting our loses in the tourism industry, due to the pandemic and its consequences, this year’s World Tourism Day celebrated on 27 September is an opportunity to send a message of hope and optimism reminding everyone that Tourism and travelling create moments of happiness and authentic experiences.

Let’s view this crisis as an opportunity to redefine our priorities and goals, taking into consideration the institutional changes as well as the opportunities that arise from the pandemic. The momentum is right to invest in attracting travellers from markets beyond the traditional ones and in new tourist segments. More than ever before, it is time to promote our country, highlighting its competitive advantages, while adapting in a timely manner to the new situation and gradually return to the record levels of 2019, having always in mind the health status of each country.

At Hermes Airports, we continue with the same determination, as we have already done so for the past 14 years, to work on strengthening the air connectivity of Cyprus. Concurrently, we are focused on creating a friendly, smooth, and modern experience for all passengers, whilst looking ahead and making every effort to ensure that 2021 will be a better year than 2020.  

On the occasion of World Tourism Day themed “Tourism and Rural Development”, we have created a video aiming to remind everyone about the diversity that can be found in Cyprus. From Pegeia to the mountains of Pedoulas and from Akamas to Troodos, we recall what it feels like to travel and discover a destination. Because happiness is packing your luggage for a holiday. It is the moment you dive into infinite blue waters. It is all about the excitement of driving towards an authentic experience. Happiness is the beginning of a new adventure. It is all about the discovery of a whole new world with infinite possibilities. The best memories are those yet to come.


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