September 27, 2023

Hermes Airports honours the World Day of Tourism, which this year is dedicated to Tourism and Green Investment, emphasizing that tourism’s development in our country must be implemented through a comprehensive plan that will encourage Green Transition and environmentally friendly investments, support human resources and their development and endorse innovative practices.

At Hermes Airports, for over a decade, we approach sustainable development in all aspects of our operation, implementing best practices. Our most recent, relevant investment is the establishment of solar parks at Larnaka and Pafos Airports, which are proof of our commitment to reduce carbon emissions, as their operation prevents the emission of over 5,100 tonnes of CO2 per year, as well as cover around one-third of airports electricity consumption needs.

Furthermore, World Tourism Day is an important reminder for all stakeholders’ journey towards a sustainable future, where green investments and sustainability will be the center of focus in their agendas. During previous years, the tourism industry has proven that it can adapt, and we must continue to do so in the future. All of us, have a responsibility to form all conditions for Cyprus to maintain its competitive advantage as a welcoming destination, offering experiences and investing in the development of year-round demand. 

Hermes Airports recognizes the vital importance of tourism to support our country’s economy, a fact that is also reflected in our company’s intense initiatives to further develop and strengthen Cyprus’s connectivity. At the same time, we focus on developing infrastructures, educate our people and community on sustainability matters.

Maria Kouroupi, Senior Manager of Aviation Development and Communication of Hermes Airports stated, ‘’As we celebrate World Tourism Day, we are present and active in the efforts made on the sustainable development of tourism and the creation of a sustainable model that will provide prosperity to companies, but more importantly to the society.’’

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