December 20, 2022

Hermes Airports applies a holistic approach to Sustainable Development in all aspects of the operation of Larnaka and Pafos Airports. Hermes has published its first Sustainability Report for 2021, implementing a structured monitoring system whilst incorporating international practices with operational and environmental responsibility. 

The reduction of its environmental footprint remains at the center of its sustainability strategy, supporting the global effort to face climate change. Hermes has made significant steps for the horizontal application of sustainable development in all aspects of its operation. In the Sustainability Report for 2021, the plan, framework, initiatives, and results are being highlighted at the center of its strategy based on the Environmental, Social and Governance criteria (ESG).

The Chief Executive Officer of Hermes Airports, Eleni Kaloyirou stated, “The Sustainability Report is a guide to transparency and outlines the responsibility of every company with facts and data. Our philosophy is to address Sustainable Development as an integrated approach in our business model investing in innovative and high-quality services. Concurrently, amid the climate crisis, the solar parks at Larnaka and Pafos airports are being completed, which will cover 25% and 30% of the energy requirements of the airports respectively, promoting decisively the achievement of the commitment for zero carbon emissions by 2050”.

* You can view the Sustainability Report here.

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