July 12, 2019

Hermes Airports welcomes the ongoing expansion of Ryanair’s flight operation in Cyprus, on the occasion of the recent announcement of the airline regarding the addition of new routes for its winter operation 2019/2020 from Pafos airport where it maintains a base.

During the 2019/2020 period, the airline will operate a total of twenty-five routes to and from Cyprus, twenty-four of which will be operated from Pafos Airport and one from Larnaka Airport. It is estimated that during 2019 the airline will transport 1.2 million passengers to and from Cyprus.

It is noted that for the current Summer period, the airline has already introduced 5 new routes, whilst recently it has announced 4 new routes for the Winter period 2019/2020, as follows:


Summer 2019

Winter 2019/2020

Berlin – Tegel (2 weekly)

Katowice (1 weekly)

Bournemouth (2 weekly)

Malta (2 weekly)

Kiyv (2 weekly)

Kiyv (2 weekly)

Mykonos (3 weekly)

Beirut (3 weekly)

Liverpool (2 weekly)



In a statement, Maria Kouroupi, Senior Manager Aviation Development and Communication of Hermes Airports said, “The new expansion of Ryanair in Cyprus reaffirms the airline’s trust in the tourist product of Cyprus, whilst at the same time confirms the effectiveness of the strategic agreement in place since 2012 between Hermes Airports and the airline.” As a result of this agreement, in recent years the airline has invested in its operation with the introduction of new routes to and from Cyprus, whilst last year the airline added a third based aircraft at Pafos Airport, said Ms. Kouroupi.  

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