September 27, 2019

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2019 has been a defining year for tourism, both globally and for Cyprus, as the tourism industry is affected by rapid changes in the political, economic, transport, energy and environment sectors. Recent developments, such as the bankruptcy of a global and historic tourism group, as well as the cessation of operations by airlines,  show that the tourism industry is facing challenges, and it is called upon to adapt to these new times, in order to survive and have a prosperous future.

Despite these adversities, our country’s tourism sector remains a vital and active sector that continues to move forward and evolve through the vision and collaboration of a wide group of people. Cyprus’ tourism industry is manned by a group of experienced, dedicated and qualified people, that have proven numerous times they can overcome challenges and lead the way in growing Cyprus’ economy, for the wider society’s benefit.

Hermes Airports welcomes this year’s World Tourism Day and highlights that with collective effort and faith, the country’s tourism industry will continue to develop successfully, for the benefit of thousands of the people working within the industry, as well as the wider local society, proving once again that it is the pillar of the economy of Cyprus.

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