November 30, 2020

Hermes Airports continues to focus on its strategy to reduce the carbon footprint from the operation of the airports of Cyprus on the environment. Reinforcing this commitment once again, the company has provided its staff with an eco-friendly and useful set which included a tote bag, a reusable thermos, a reusable bottle and two stainless steel straw, in an effort to minimize the consumption of single use plastics by the staff.

Do something drastic, cut the plastic!

In 2019 more than 2,500kg single-use plastics were used by Hermes Airports staff. Perhaps some may consider this an insignificant quantity in relation to the millions of tons consumed on a daily basis. However, for Hermes this is a significant quantity. Providing our employees with these eco-friendly and reusable items, is our small contribution to the environment. Environmental awareness is created and enhanced by simple initiatives such as this one. Let’s all play by the rules, recycle and re-use.

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