January 14, 2021

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Social responsibility is an integral part of Hermes Airports, as the organization materializes coordinated actions and initiatives for many years. The company’s values have a pivotal role in all the initiatives Hermes is engaged with, and those initiatives are continually developed. Hermes’ main priority is above all, to respect the people who work for the organisation, the support of the nearby communities as well as the wider society and the protection of the environment.

Within the framework of Hermes’ social responsibility and sustainability strategy, the company donated 12 computers to Kiti Gymnasium. As an organization that comprehends the needs of our society, it has responded to the school’s call for support.

The Senior Manager Aviation Development and Communication of Hermes Airports, Maria Kouroupi stated: “We are confident that through this initiative we contribute to the efforts made by the school to implement distance learning and will facilitate both the teachers and the students.”

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