September 30, 2020

Hermes Airports supports the latest initiative of Sophia For Children, by hosting the “Giraffes for Hope” exhibition. Twenty giraffes embarked on a symbolic journey from Kenya, and each of them made a stop at a Cypriot artist’s studio, they got “dressed up” and will be exhibited for 1 month at various locations of Larnaka Airport. Passengers will have the opportunity to see the 20 impressive giraffes which were created by the artists, aiming to financially support the Sophia Foundation programmes. 

Hermes Airports is a longterm supporter of Sophia for Children, sponsoring the “I Cook and I Offer” programme, within the framework of its Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability strategy. It is a project which was launched in Cyprus back in 2013, at all-day schools aiming to provide homemade meals to children prepared at the schools by unemployed mothers in the area.

The Chairwoman of Sophia For Children, Marina Shacola stated that “the “Giraffes for Hope” was a project embraced by everyone and secured the financial assistance which allows Sophia to continue to make thousands of children smile. We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to Hermes Airports, for being there for us once again, especially during this difficult period of the pandemic”.

Hermes Airports Senior Manager Aviation Development and Communication, Maria Kouroupi highlighted the fact that “we are happy to support in our own way Sophia Foundation, by hosting at the airport the 20 unique giraffes crafted by Cypriot artists. Endorsing such remarkable social initiatives is incorporated in Hermes Airports’ broader Social Responsibility and Sustainability strategy, while participating at the same time in similar projects as an active contributor to the society”.

* The exhibition «Giraffes for Hope» will be hosted at Larnaka Airport from 1-25 October 2020.

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