Head of Operations, Pafos Airport

Yiannis Harpas

Yiannis Harpas was born in 1968 at New Castle (S. Africa) and joined Hermes Airports Ltd in April 2009. Moving in the organization he assumed the position of the Ground Handling Contracts Manager in March 2010 and in March 2014 the position of the Aerodrome Contracts and Compliance Manager. In June 2015 he was assigned the role of the Head of Operations at Pafos International Airport.  

Yiannis has over 24 years of experience in the aviation industry with significant and particular direction in Airport and Airline operations. He graduated the International Institute of Science (IT) in Tourism & Hotel Management and Technikon Natal (SA) in Business Management.   

Yiannis prime responsibility is to ensure that Pafos International Airport operates safely, efficiently and securely while complying with international and national regulations, standards and policies. Among his duties is to apply modern best practices in airport management and through advance technology apply innovative enhancements aiming to optimize airport service quality levels.