Cyprus is ready to open its gates again!

Cyprus is ready to welcome all passengers who wish to explore and enjoy our beautiful island. Your journey through our airports promises a pleasant and safe experience, as we continue to have a close communication with the relevant governmental authorities and follow the various protocols relating to Covid-19. The key to a smooth journey is good preparation. For this reason, we invite you to read all the information which will help you prepare for your journey.

The countries of origin are re-evaluated on a regular basis and they are categorized based on their epidemiological status in the Categories A, B and C, with Category A having the most positive epidemiological status.

Category A: 
  • European Union Member States: 1) Austria, 2) Germany, 3) Denmark, 4) Estonia, 5) Ireland, 6) Latvia, 7) Lithuania, 8) Malta, 9) Hungary, 10) Slovakia, 11) Slovenia, 12) Finland
  • Schengen Area Members: 1) Switzerland, 2) Iceland, 3) Lichtenstein, 4) Norway
  • Third Countries: 1) Georgia, 2) Japan, 3) Canada, 4) New Zealand, 5) South Korea 6) Thailand
Category B:
  • European Union Member States: 1) Belgium, 2) France, 3) Greece, 4) Spain, 5) Italy, 6) Croatia, 7) Netherlands, 8) Czech Republic, 9) Poland, 10) Portugal 
  • United Kingdom
  • Small States: 1) Andorra, 2) Monaco, 3) Vatican City, 4) San Marino
  • Third Countries: 1) Australia, 2) Rwanda, 3) Tunisia, 4) Uruguay, 5) China
Category C:

Every other country which is not included in Category A and B.

Regardless of the category, all passengers shall be obliged to file an application for the CyprusFlightPass within 24 hours prior to their departure flight. You can find all the documentation required for flying to the Republic of Cyprus here.  Moreover, here you may obtain information on passengers who meet the requirements for a test in Cyprus.

Information on the guidelines and precautionary measures taken for Cyprus:

We have upgraded your travel experience even further by implementing all the protection measures for Covid-19. The use of a medical protective face mask is mandatory throughout your stay at the terminal building, whilst clearly visible signs remind you to keep a safe distance from others. We have also increased the frequency of cleaning and installed more than 50 hand sanitizers which are available for use by passengers  and staff. You can find all the important information here.


It is our pleasure to facilitate your needs because we simply care. Enjoy your journey!