The below responses should serve to resolve any queries you may have related to your travel.

In this section you will learn what is required in advance of travelling to Cyprus and whilst you are at our airports.


Is there a travel protocol for Larnaka & Pafos airports?

Yes there is. The use of a face protection mask is compulsory throughout your time at the airport.  Also, you are required to keep the two metre safety distance, in particular in areas where there are groups of people, such as the check in, passport control and luggage claim areas as well as at boarding terminals.

How are the outdoor airport areas maintained clean?

In order to best safeguard that the airport area is kept safe and healthy, the premises are regularly sanitized and disinfected based on the latest protocols.

Is the use of protective mask mandatory for children?

A protective mask is not mandatory for children under the age of 6.

Is there a body temperature check at the airport?

A station has been set up at the check in area where all departing passengers, as well as airport staff are being checked.  Arriving passengers will have their body temperature checked prior to entry the passport control hall.

What if my body temperature at check in is higher than it should be?

Medical personnel perform the thermal, temperature scanning.  In case of high fever medical staff will notify for further evaluation and activation, if necessary, of the protocol for Covid 19.

Should safety distances be kept from other passengers at the airport?

Yes, all persons entering the airport premises are required to keep the designated two metre safety distance.

How can I find hand sanitizers at the airport?

Over 50 hand sterilizer stations have been installed across all the airport areas for public use.

Is the airport parking space open?

The parking space is open. In case you require assistance with your electronic reservation you may refer to +24008138. In case you require help in enquiring about your parking space whilst you are at the airport, you may visit the offices at the parking areas, wherein a member of parking staff will help with your enquiry.



May I get a mask from the airport?

You may purchase a mask from the airport once you enter the terminal.

Do I need to arrive at the airport earlier than usual?

We advise all passengers to arrive 2 hours ahead of their scheduled flights.

I am departing from Larnaka airport, is there a place I do a Covid-19 test?

Yes, a COVID-19 test station is available at the Departures level near the public car parking area. You can visit the station and do either a PCR test or a Rapid test. Payment for the tests can be made onsite. Please note, the station is open during weekends between 9:00 – 14:00, however, opening hours are subject to change according to the flight schedule. You can contact the lab directly at +357 99470303.

Am I permitted to carry hand sanitizer in my hand luggage on the aircraft?

Of course, provided it has a capacity of up to 100 ml.

I am a person with disabilities. Has the special support procedure changed?

Nothing whatsoever has changed with respect to the procedure. More stringent hygiene standards with respect to disinfecting wheelchairs before and after use of each person have been introduced. Further to this, a customer service officer assigned to this support service, is equipped with a protective uniform and medical protective face shield.

I would like to travel with my pet. Is there a change in existing pet travel procedures?

No, there are no changes in the existing pet travel procedures.

Can I use the Express Lane?

Yes, the Express Lane is in use.

Are the airport lounges still open?

Aegean Lounge & Aspire Lounge (Larnaka Airport) are open. Premium Lounge (Pafos Airport) is temporarily out of service.

Can I purchase food and drinks from the airport cafes & restaurants?

The airport cafes & restaurants offer take-away packaged food and drink for carrying on your flight. Please note that selected F&B outlets are open for passengers.

Are the airport shops open?

The majority of the Duty Free Shops are open.



I meet the requirements for a Covid-19 test upon my arrival to Cyprus. How much does the test cost?

The cost for the laboratory test (RT-PCR), for passengers arriving in the Republic of Cyprus, is €30 at Larnaka Airport and €32 at Pafos Airport.



Am I allowed to visit the airport to either pick up or drop off a passenger?

Entry into the terminal is permitted to passengers and staff only. In case you are dropping off or picking up a passenger, you can park in the one minute pick up/drop off area in front of the building, or alternatively in the parking area, wherein you are required to remain.

Can I take taxi from the airport?

Passengers can find taxis at the arrivals level.

Can I use the car rental services?

The majority of the car rental desks are open. Passengers are advised to communicate with the car rental company for more information regarding their reservation.