East in the Mediterranean exists the hidden gemstone of European countries…

Meet Cyprus the island of legendary beauty, history, and people who await you with warm welcomes. Whether you're craving adventure or relaxation, this idyllic land holds endless treasures for you to unlock.

Your love for Cyprus will likely begin by her charming you with her dreamy ocean waters. After all, it is said that Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of Love, was born here, arising from the Cyprus shoreline. Beyond the traditional villages, the sun-soaked coasts have a plethora of beaches to explore. Squeeze your toes in the fine, white, clean sand and take a dip into the warm, shallow, turquoise waters of the eastern coast. Dive or snorkel into the deep waters of the rocky, bronze bays. Explore the emerald sea caves of the western coast for sublime solitude and continue your discovery of Cyprus' stunning scenery with its ancient structures and lush landscapes.

Take a break from the heat near the sea and visit Troοdos Mountains in the heart of Cyprus. Walk the nature trails to be encaptivated by the rich greenery and sparkling waterfalls. Man-made beauty can be found in the ancient structures scattered among the island. With 10,000 years of history, it's said that you can "scratch the soil anywhere in Cyprus and you will find traces of its magnificent past". Awe-inspiring archaeology and magnificent churches of Cyprus radiate magical energy in this now modern country. The multi-ethnic history has created a diverse cultural tapestry of traditions.

Beyond her impressive sights and senses, there's something more meaningful that characterizes this island. The warm and hospitable people who call Cyprus home infuse the land with authenticity. This unique and passionate hospitality is known as "filoxenia" in Greek; it is deeply rooted within the Cypriot culture and literally translates to "being a friend to strangers". The disposition of the friendly Cypriots can further be illustrated by the island’s vibrant city life and nightlife. While Nicosia is the buzzing capital of Cyprus, all cities are filled with shops, sites, and restaurants to indulge in. No matter which city you end up in by night-time, you’ll find many bars and nightclubs to choose from.