Kalos Orisate!

We welcome you to the first gateway to the beautiful island of Cyprus!

Hermes Airports is the first gateway to the beautiful island of Cyprus, an island that offers a mix of diverse experiences, all easily accessible, to address all tastes. Whether you are an art lover, an explorer of culture and history, a food epicure, a free spirit adventurer or a sun and sea leisure traveler, you will not be disappointed. Your passage through our airports, promises you a unique experience and the first taste of Cyprus’ hospitality.

Sound preparation is key for smooth travel; therefore, we invite you to read the following information that will help you prepare for your next trip. Find everything you need to know about your day of travel, such as packing your bags for take-off, checking in, security procedures, and how to save time by booking airport services online beforehand.

It is our pleasure to facilitate all your needs to help elevate your travel experience with us, because... we simply care.

Enjoy your journey!